Flies & Flights Tonight!

Come on out to Rally Cap Brewing tonight for a very special Flies & Flights. It’s our last get together in 2022 and Matt from Orvis Baton Rouge has graciously donated 18 pint glasses for the first folks who arrive. On top of that, three lucky attendees will be taking home some brand new tying materials to add to their kits.

  1. This sounds like a really fun event. I only wish Baton Rouge wasn’t so far from rural North Dakota!

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  2. Joseph Croteau said:

    Trip Mountains to Marsh looks awesome! Super impressed with the pics. Thinking of planning a trip outside of Stanley ID … maybe try hiking in Marsh Creek downstream from Lola Campground and pull out at Boundary creek…? Have noooo idea what I am even talking about. Any websites you used to plan this trip?

    If you ever make it into Northern Colorado let me know – I have some little streams to tell ya about.


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