Nottoway Plantation Beer Fest


The Nottoway Plantation Beer Fest is this Saturday and if you’re a craft beer lover in/near South Louisiana, you won’t want to miss it.  The beer lineup looks excellent, throw in some homebrews, and you’ve got the makings of a good time.  Plus you get to visit beautiful Nottoway Plantation in White Castle.


Hope to see some of y’all out there.

  1. Lee Trahan said:

    could you recommend details for a trip to northern georgia for fly fishing including accomadations and guides


  2. Hard to get too detailed with just a comment, maybe the info is better suited in a full blown post, but you can get to a lot of good water with Blue Ridge, GA as a base and there are a few different fly shops, guides, and outfitters in that area. Most of the float fishing would be done on the lower Toccoa, but there are a lot of good wild trout streams and private water relatively close to Blue Ridge.


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