Daily Archives: July 25, 2013

Been to Grand Isle twice since my last post from the island. The first of the two trips made me realize how spoiled I was my very first time down here working from the island – I only got two to three hours worth of fishing in the whole time down.

The last trip was better, a good combination of work and free time. When I do get a chance to fish, however, it is usually during crap weather or tides, or for just a few hours in the evening.



Beautiful, ideal mornings like this usually mean I’m in for a long day.


It stings a bit more when you get out to the barrier island we’re working on and the surf looks like this – especially this time of year when it’s hard to cast a line and NOT catch a speck. Hard to complain though because it beats sitting in a cubicle.


You do find a lot of interesting things in the swash zone, like this product from the Far East – I think it was some sort of tea mix.


This time of year thunderstorms can blow up at any time, they seem to move in any direction too, so you have to keep your head on a swivel when you’re out on the water. The good news is that safety is top priority when we work, so weather is not taken lightly. Lightning can shut us down and may provide time to fish once the storm moves through.



It is nice to be able to go out for a few hours before dark and come back with dinner, some of the freshest fish I’ve ever had – filleted thin and fried to a nice crunch.



Of course the bigger, and smaller fish, get put back, tagged for science.


Drinks at the end of the day are like icing on the cake. Thanks to a co-worker for this modified Pimm’s Cup.


There’s those thunderstorms again, until next time Grand Isle…..