Where the fish are as long as your leg

Made a trip to the marsh this past weekend with Blake and his dad. Conditions were excellent for kayak fishing and the redfish were hitting lures very aggressively. I caught a few over slot reds on the day including one that was pushing 30″. Catching larger fish gave me a chance to try out the camera feature on the GoPro and I’m pretty happy with the result. That little camera is sweet.

Sightfishing conditions weren’t the best, water levels were high, clarity wasn’t great, but I still managed to land a red on the fly and on a woolly bugger no less. I’ve got a little personal experiment to see how many fish species I can catch on the woolly bugger. Arguably the most versatile fly out there.

We also chased down a popping cork that had what we thought was a redfish under it. Turns out it was about a three foot long blacktip shark that managed to finally pop the line before I could land it. Probably a good thing. Just another reminder that there ARE sharks in the marsh.











  1. Chuck Miller said:

    Nice trip, Ben. The 30″ red must have been a blast on the fly rod.


  2. I never said it was caught on the fly, but it was fun regardless


  3. Rita Roussel said:

    Looks like that last fish is smoking a cigar


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