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Best addition to the new house?



Perhaps….or maybe just the most utilized.

Apologies to Outkast, but the title fit.

It’s a new year (kinda), I figured it was time to transition to a blog all my own. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a little while now, but I could never settle on a name. A name really shouldn’t be all that important, the content is what is really important, but for some reason it weighed heavily on me. Mountains to Marsh fits me, I think. My two favorite places to spend time and fish. Two totally different ecosystems, styles of fishing. Plus it sounds pleasant and rolls off the tongue (thanks alliteration!).

I will still post kayak fishing updates to my little space on Jackson Kayak’s site, which will also go here, but so will everything else. Which means this blog won’t be fishing-specific (though it will be heavily featured). I do have a life, albeit a small one, outside of fishing. So, anything and everything that interests me, will probably grace these pages. That could be beer, food, family, music, sports, or whatever else I’m into at the time. This could be a good thing, this could be a bad thing. I hope this means I will update the content often. Often may not mean daily, but I’ll try. I guess it really depends on what kind of feedback I get, which I’ll admit, does provide some motivation.

Anyway, thanks for visiting, and cheers to 2012!