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My beer coverage has been slacking as of late, so let’s catch up.  December’s beer of the month was the Parade Ground Porter from Tin Roof.  Tin Roof is my local brewery here in Baton Rouge and this is my favorite beer that they offer.  It’s a smooth drinking brew packed with coffee flavor.  I like it and I don’t even drink coffee, I wouldn’t judge if you woke up and drank one of these in the morning instead.


Tin Roof’s winter seasonal is a “robust porter brewed with a special blend of New Orleans Coffee Company mocha and French roast coffee. This smooth brew is full of coffee and chocolate flavor,” per the Tin Roof website.  I’m not the only local blogger that’s a fan, here’s what everyone has to say:

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I didn’t do a good job of posting my monthly staples, beer and fly, in October so I am doing it now.  The beer of the month for October was the Milk Stout Nitro from Left Hand Brewing in Longmont, Colorado.  I got turned onto milk stouts by an old high school pal of mine one night when I was back home for Thanksgiving.  He did a little bartending while in college up at Indiana, so I was privy to his recommendation.  I wasn’t much of a stout drinker at the time, but a good milk stout will certainly turn a man.  I’m not sure if the Nitro is what we were drinking, but it has been my favorite of the style thus far.  I’m kind of bummed that the one time I went through Longmont, CO I didn’t make it over to the brewery, we went to Oskar Blues instead (not too shabby for Longmont to have both Oskar Blues and Left Hand in the same town).  There is a damn fine fly shop in Longmont and plenty of good fishing nearby so maybe I’ll make my way up there again in the future.  This is a Nitro:

And this is how you pour it – hard:

What the beer geeks have to say about it:

September’s beer of the month is my favorite beer that is being brewed in Louisiana right now, Ghost in the Machine.  It comes to us from Parish Brewing out of Broussard, which is probably also my favorite Louisiana brewery.  These are the same people that brew Canebrake and have a redfish labeled beer in South Coast.  Everything they make is delicious.  Ghost is a double IPA that is heavy on the hops, but not so much that it makes you wince – it has great flavor and a wonderful aroma.  Here’s what Parish has to say about it:

“Welcome to the future.  Our collective human consciousness, or Ghost in the Machine, has gained a tolerance for hops beyond what mankind has ever known before.  This double india pale ale is the necessary outcome.  Available in 750 ml bottles and 1/6th bbl kegs.  8% ABV”

That information from their website is a little dated as it was most recently available as a 12 ounce 4 pack with 8.5% ABV.  The limited release of the 4 pack was no secret and beer geeks all over Louisiana were left scrambling trying to pick up as many as they could before the next release (who knows when that will be).  Of course because of this it sold out in no time, but that’s not to say you can’t still try it, you just have to swing by the Parish Taproom in Broussard to get one.


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