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Jackson has released some more photos of the Big Tuna, click the picture above to see them. Here is what Drew Gregory had to say about it:

“Well, the Jackson Kayak Big Tuna has been quite the “fish” to fight to make sure it is done and done right – the Jackson Kayak way. Great news is that the mold came back to us last week and we’ve been running pre-production boats since Friday to really dial this boat in so it can begin shipping in the very very near future to closest JK dealer. It is looking like this boat is seriously going to be my new favorite boat given all that it can offer – solo paddling, tandem, face-time seating, huge weight capacity, built in live bait well (Tuna Tank), rod tip protector, tackle storage, large hatch, rod holders/stagers, rudder capable, anchor/drag chain chute etc.

So, without further ado, here are a few photos of the pre-production boat. Just know that there will be even more cool features and tweaks on the final versions that will make this boat the next on your list to check out at one of our many dealers across the world!”

The boat looks awesome. It looks like a great compliment to the Coosa and the Cuda. I will hold judgement until I paddle one around though. Hopefully they start shipping them to dealers soon.

Went to the LKFC meeting at Pack & Paddle last night with my buddy Brendan. Enjoyed meeting/catching up with some of the Lafayette guys and John from P&P. I don’t make it out to their events as much as I want to, but hope to make more of an effort to this year. They are a great group with some outstanding, knowledgeable fishermen. They have some great events planned for this year, one that really caught my eye was the catch and release tournament they run. Some phenomenal fish have been caught and although this tournament ends soon, another one should be starting up right behind it.  Check out the Lafayette Kayak Fishing Club for more information –

Drew Gregory was a guest speaker at their meeting. Drew is a teammate of mine on the Jackson Kayak fishing team, and a wonderful ambassador to the sport. He beams with passion and optimism for kayak fishing. He gave a good talk about stand up kayak fishing. Anyone who watches any of the videos I post here know that I stand the majority of the time I go kayak fishing for redfish. I like to sight fish and it allows me a better opportunity to see the fish I wish to catch. Conditions don’t always permit sight fishing, but a lot of times I am too stubborn to give up on it. The Jackson Kayaks that Drew has had a hand in designing are essential to my success at stand up sight fishing. They are stable platforms that allow me to stand up, locate, cast to, hook, and land fish from, and do it all comfortably at that.

Drew also went into a bit about boat design, which was pretty interesting to hear about the process from start to finish. I’ve been to the JK factory in Sparta, TN before, that is where I first learned about the making of a kayak. It never ceases to amaze me though that the finished product actually starts from little pellets of plastic that basically get baked in an oven.

He finished the seminar talking about the Big Tuna. With every new picture I see on this boat I get more amped up that the production models will be here soon. I’ve seen the prototypes, in fact one will be at Lake Martin on Sunday for Pack & Paddle’s demo day. I want to get some seat time in the finalized production run though. It has some sick features not found in other kayaks.

First Jackson brought us the Coosa, then the Cuda, and now the Big Tuna. Although I’ve yet to see it in person(hopefully next month), it looks like they’ve built another solid boat. Drew and some of the team members have been testing the final prototype in the Keys and it looks quite impressive. I can’t wait to lay eyes on one in person and paddle it around. The tandem configuration and livewell look really cool, perfect for those kayak fishing dads out there. It looks like a perfect addition to Jackson’s ever growing kayak fishing lineup. Check out the specs page for more info: