Hooked on Wild Waters

Here is the promo for Hooked on Wild Waters, a new kayak fishing web series with Drew Gregory that promises to be a lot of fun.  The first webisode is out and features Drew and the gang on the Devils River in South Texas.  Some great camera work and excellent production quality make it very easy to watch, can’t wait to see the other episodes.  More info from the site:

“Hooked on Wild Waters is an infectious, passionate expression of the exploration of wild waters. There’s no better way to embark on these journeys than in a kayak, and no better host to guide viewers along than kayak fishing pioneer, Drew Gregory. Known for his relentless pursuit of the country’s biggest, rarest, most aggressive yet beautiful fish, Gregory is driven by a deep love for wild and remote public waters, and the fish that call them home.

With his loyal, four-legged companion, Lu, and special show guests in tow, Gregory lives out his passion for wild waters—all the while displaying that it isn’t always about the size or number of fish caught, but rather the entire adventure. Though all anglers seek that once-in-a-lifetime catch, the reality is that epic fish aren’t taken on every trip. That’s the beauty of fishing, and what makes it so exciting.

Through Hooked on Wild Waters, Gregory hopes to convey that fishing—and life—isn’t always about the final outcome, but rather the beauty, joy, and excitement of the journey that God provides on any given day.”

Y’all keep an eye out for an episode filmed down here in Louisiana, you just might see someone you know!

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