Daily Archives: March 4, 2015

The 2015 River Bassin’ Tournament Trail schedule has been released with the first event coming up this weekend in Crawforville, FL.  I love the format for this series, unfortunately I’ve yet to fish an event though, maybe one day.  You can find the schedule here and below:


As in years past, there are no events scheduled for Louisiana, which is no surprise, because as I’ve noticed there is very minimal interest among the kayak fishermen in our state in fishing our freshwater rivers.  Which is a shame too, because our rivers are a lot of fun to float and fish and they could use the love and stewardship that comes with the kayak fishing community.  A Google Map of the tournament locations is below:

If you’d like to see a River Bassin’ stop near you the best thing to do would be to let your local Jackson dealer know, as they are the hosts of each event.  It probably wouldn’t hurt to get in touch with one of these guys either:


Noah Heck, Tour Director
Phone: 724-989-1630

Aaron Stiger, Assistant Tour Director
Phone: 440-865-4526

Drew Gregory, Tour Founder, MC and Sponsorship Relations
Phone: 706-540-4280

Brooks Beatty, Director of Media & Logistics
Phone: 704-564-5718