Daily Archives: February 4, 2013

In keeping with the fishing film theme, another angler whose work I admire is Peter Laurelli. His latest project is SIFF12: NORTHEASTHere is the description from his Vimeo page:

“Each year I film fly fishing the inshore waters of the northeastern U.S. and produce a “movie” of the results. This is the full and final version of the Surf & Inshore Fly Fishing project covering the full year 2012.

As mentioned in the teaser, a season spent chasing these fish is only a series of events with no plot or story, but when you put these seasons together, year after year, the story becomes more clear; it’s the story of your life, and how you’ve decided to live it.”

If you have some time to kill it is definitely worth the watch. If you don’t have the time, save the link for a rainy day.


Also worth a look is last year’s compilation, which was my first taste of Laurelli’s work. It’s an honest glimpse into the life of a hopeless fly fishing addict. Some of the footage is absolutely outstanding.