Daily Archives: January 9, 2013

Seems like every time Jackson comes out with a new boat I convince myself that I have to have it. And now that the 2013 Cruise is in production and the reviews have started to mount (click on the different pictures to read them), I may have a 2012 Coosa to part with.

The Cruise has a hull similar to the Cuda 12, it’s a tad shorter and a tad wider, meaning the stability of the Cuda 12 is still there, but the deck layout is a bit different. The noticeable difference is the absence of the center console, which allows for much more standing room. This is a good thing for those of us who like to stand and fish, especially for those of us who fly fish. With the deck being free of clutter, say goodbye to tangled fly line at your feet (though that is rarely a problem when fishing for reds due to the short casts). As someone who keeps things pretty simple, the minimalist layout of the Cruise is very appealing. I can still outfit the Cruise however I please, but compared to the Cuda 12 this is a blank slate.

What else is appealing is the price point. At $899, the Cruise may be the best SOT out there under $1000. Plus it still comes with the Elite Hi-Lo seat, so the comfort that is found in all the Jackson Kayak fishing line is still there. I can’t wait to get into this boat to see for myself, but the Cruise sounds like a great option for my favorite fishing destinations in south Lousiana, both fresh and salt.