Popper style

Popper style, pop, pop, popper style……

The lakes in the neighborhood ponds have cleared up quite a bit and as Catch Cormier always says “clear water favors the fly rodder”. So yesterday after work I slung some poppers and had pretty good action before the sun went down.




I was using smaller poppers that were better suited for bream, but every once in a while a bass would explode from under the grass to annihilate the popper, or even the hooked bream. They were very aggressive yesterday which made for a lot of fun.

Also fun – rapping Popper Style while fly fishing in the neighborhood.

She want pop pop, she love pop pop……

  1. looks like a green chartreuse popper…rather than the common red and white, I better head down the tackle shop and get some!


    • Another Catch-ism, “any color is good as long as it’s chartreuse”


      • it’s a deadly colour for fly fishing for sea bass off the rock on the Sussex coast…tight lines my friend.


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