Daily Archives: September 10, 2012

Another home game this past Saturday for the Tigers meant another day of tailgating and Saturday night in Death Valley. Lots more opposing fans in town this past weekend and none of them were a-holes, so I wouldn’t mind having Washington on the schedule more often. Amanda and I are pretty bummed we didn’t make the trip up to Seattle a few years back, but it was right around our wedding. LSU played much better this week and really looked solid on all fronts; should be another great year for the Tigers. Here are some pics from the day:




Lunch, as prepared by the 10oz. tailgaters.



Actually made it over to the other side of campus to check out the band practice the cadence, then march toward the stadium.


Pleasantly surprised at our view from the upper deck. Really enjoyed that cool front too.

I won’t make next week’s game, but it’s for good reason. Blake and I head to Colorado Thursday on a trip that has been dubbed as Blake’s babymoon. Never heard the term until this year, but I embrace the idea. Gotta get one last trip in before life get’s real.