Daily Archives: August 31, 2012

Isaac has pushed through Louisiana now and we made it through the storm surprisingly unscathed. We never lost power and received no damage that we can tell thus far. I can’t say the same for friends and family in Laplace who did receive some flooding, but everyone is safe and alive and that is really all that matters.

A screenshot of the storm as it made it’s way through Louisiana on Wednesday. The green pushpin is where we live and the eye is just to the south. The eye passed just to the west of Baton Rouge.

We had some shrimp in the freezer that needed to be cooked just in case the power went out, so we made shrimp enchiladas, and yes, they were delicious.

We got at least 5″ of rain on Wednesday, I don’t know the exact number since my gauge tops off at 5″ and I didn’t empty it until Thursday. Since Thursday we’ve gotten another inch. We’re still getting bands of storms coming in from the Gulf, which speaks to the size of this massive Cat 1 hurricane. Our rivers are swollen too, flooding is the biggest concern now. I don’t think I’ll be able to make a river float for awhile. Most of the rivers I fish are in the Florida parishes, which were among some of the hardest hit with rain this past week.

The silver lining in all of this is that there is still a Tiger game Saturday night. Can’t wait! (photo¬†MORGAN SEARLES / The Daily Reveile)