Big Tuna sneak peek

Jackson has released some more photos of the Big Tuna, click the picture above to see them. Here is what Drew Gregory had to say about it:

“Well, the Jackson Kayak Big Tuna has been quite the “fish” to fight to make sure it is done and done right – the Jackson Kayak way. Great news is that the mold came back to us last week and we’ve been running pre-production boats since Friday to really dial this boat in so it can begin shipping in the very very near future to closest JK dealer. It is looking like this boat is seriously going to be my new favorite boat given all that it can offer – solo paddling, tandem, face-time seating, huge weight capacity, built in live bait well (Tuna Tank), rod tip protector, tackle storage, large hatch, rod holders/stagers, rudder capable, anchor/drag chain chute etc.

So, without further ado, here are a few photos of the pre-production boat. Just know that there will be even more cool features and tweaks on the final versions that will make this boat the next on your list to check out at one of our many dealers across the world!”

The boat looks awesome. It looks like a great compliment to the Coosa and the Cuda. I will hold judgement until I paddle one around though. Hopefully they start shipping them to dealers soon.

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