Daily Archives: March 6, 2012

Last Tuesday I attended the Lafayette Kayak Fishing Club meeting, I failed to mention that they had a tournament coming up. It is the Marsh Madness tournament, the 1st event in their tourney series. Details are below:

“Marsh Madness sponsored by Pack & Paddle is Sat Mar 24 at CocoMarina in Cocodrie, LA.   The event is an on-water shotgun launch and a 5 Redfish format (with optional trout calcutta | $5 due that morning).  Public is welcome to participate & win cash prizes. Members receive points for the series. Lodging options include Sportsmans’ Paradise or CocoMarina. NOTE: the CocoMarina Restaurant will be closed and Sportmans will be open.


  • Shotgun Launch – Mandatory Check-In at Launch
  • 5 Redfish Stringer
  • Optional pre-tournament bbq- bring your meat Friday evening at cocomarina.
  • Optional Speckled Trout Calcutta- $5 Cash- due that morning

Mandatory check-in between 5:30-6:45 AM at CocoMarina and $5 calcutta due (optional). Please arrive early giving yourself ample time to sign-in, unload and launch. All participants must launch and wait in kayak near the launch.  The blast-off will sound promptly at 7:00 AM.  Participants who miss the shotgun launch are disqualified.  Note: Tourney board reserves the right to delay launch due to weather, fog, etc.


You have the choice to stay at CocoMarina (lauch/weigh-in location) or Sportsman’s (Be aware the restaurant at CocoMarina is closed).

  • CocoMarina (Restaurant will be closed)
    106 Pier 56 / Chauvin, LA 70344 / 985-594-6626/ 
  • Sportsman’s Paradise & Restaurant / 6830 Louisiana 56/  Chauvin, LA 70344-2611 / (985) 594-2414


  1. All events adhere to the event rules below in addition to the club “Series Rules” here.  You are responsible to understand all rules.
  2. Mandatory Check-In: 5:45-6:45 AM at CocoMarina
  3. Shotgun Blastoff- 7 AM from CocoMarina
  4. Boundaries: as far as you can paddle from marina.  Use common sense
  5. Sign-In: 2 – 3 CocoMarina
  6. Weigh-In: 3 p.m.
  7. Legal Launch – Fishing Time: 7 a.m.- 3 p.m.  anglers may not pick-up and fish another location.
  8. Tackle: Artificial Baits Only
  9. Entry: $25 (+ $1 via Paypal)
  10. Registration: Deadline is Sat Mar 24 at 6:45 a.m.
  11. Pre-Tournament Meeting (optional): @ Mar 20 Club Meeting, Pack and Paddle, 6 pm or post ?’s on Forum.
  12. Legal Stringer: 5 Redfish 16″ minimum to 27″ maximum
  13. Payouts: $20 goes to Tournament Pot and $5 to Series Pot.  Payouts will be 1st = 50% / 2nd = 30 / 3rd = 20% (based on <40 anglers). >40 anglers pays top 5 @ the following percentages: 40 / 25 / 20 / 10 / 5.
  14. Speckled Trout Calcutta- $5 Cash will be due that morning if you decide to participate.”

Unfortunately I will be unable to attend, prior engagements, but I know this will be a great event as the LKFC are a great group. I definitely want to make a tourney of theirs this year.